Shen-Hammer Foundation Classes

This class introduces the foundations of Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis. The workshop is held over 4 days and can be split over 2 weekends. It is presented in approximately 40% didactic and 60% practical format. Lecture covers the history and reviews the methodology of the method. A Handbook of Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis (Hammer, Bilton 2010) a is recommended to help navigate the class.

Day 1 and 2 – Lecture and demonstration covers the 3 Depths – qi, blood and organ, the 6 principal positions, and the 22 complimentary positions and Waveforms. Pulse qualities are categorized in terms of volume, width, depth and shape as well as the condition they represent. Throughout the class students work in pairs and calibrate the Depths with the instructors and find Waveforms and pulse qualities on other students.

Day 3 and 4 – Revises depths, principal and complementary positions and finds more qualities. Concepts such as Heart Shock relating to trauma, retained pathogens and toxicity, and Dr Shen's Systems are discussed. Clarification is given to more difficult pulse qualities and students attempt a full pulse evaluation on a fellow student. Discussion and interpretation of a prepared pulse case is presented.

Shen-Hammer Intro-mediate Classes

This two day class is designed for those familiar with the system and is designed to build clinical proficiency and confidence.

There is one day of review, discussing difficulties, calibrating depths, feeling pulse positions. We also review major concepts including the progression of physiological processes and how they are represented on the pulse.

The second day is spent seeing 3 patients. In the morning session students feel the patients' pulses guided by an evaluation completed by the instructor. In the afternoon we work through the cases together as a group and formulate treatment plans for acupuncture, herbs and discuss appropriate lifestyle modifications and referrals.

Shen-Hammer Intermediate Classes

This two day class is for those using Shen-Hammer pulse in their practice and are wanting to improved their pulse skills and their clinical reasoning in working through the cases.

The format of these classes is similar to Day 2 of the Intro-mediate workshop where patients are seen in the morning and their cases worked through as a group in the afternoon.

Shen-Hammer Review Day

Review Days are run out of Lotus Healing Arts frequently. They are small group workshops and review the material in the Foundations Class, with a focus on calibrating pulse Depths, and finding pulse qualities. We also review some concepts such as pulse quality progression and how the attributes we find on the pulse manifest in a living person. 

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