Lotus Healing Arts respects all scheduled appointment times. So more time can be allowed for your evaluation and treatment, please complete the following new patient forms and return them by email to your practitioner karen@lotushealingarts.com or remo@lotushealingarts.com. Help minimise paper waste and save the the trees.

For the first item select only one form according to the nature of the problem for which you are seeking treatment.

  1. New Patient Intake Form – Internal Medicine

    Complete this form if your symptoms are of internal origin such as asthma, headaches, IBS, constipation, insomnia, stress, eczema, menstrual, IVF support, pregnancy support, fertility etc.


    New Patient Intake Form – Musculoskeletal Pain
    Complete this form if the primary condition you are seeking treatment for is body pain such as back, neck, knee, shoulder etc.

  2. Consent Form
  3. Patient Rights and Responsibilities Form