Experience Bowen Technique 

Bowen technique is a gentle healing system that provides the body with a stimulus for self correction. Each series of specific muscle and connective tissue “moves” send signals to the body for realignment. The client rests quietly between each set of moves so the body can integrate the new information. The body’s response to the “moves” is mediated by the neuromuscular system.

Most people feel benefits immediately after the first session. Ongoing readjustment occurs over the following days with physical and emotional problems being released. Muscles relax, fluids circulate and organ systems balance. Major changes commonly occur after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. Bowen therapy can be applied safely and effectively to anyone from babies to the aged and immobile.

Throughout her 20 plus years of practice, Karen has found Bowen Technique to be the most effective at treating severe lumbosacral dysfunction that does not respond to regular forms of physiotherapy treatment. Also the deep state of relaxation initiated by this technique parallels that of acupuncture.


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