Dragon Rises Seminars (DRS) was founded by Dr Hammer to further the teaching and understanding of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD). Classes taught by DRS are designed to be the practical accompaniment to Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, A Contemporary Approach. The classes are organized into Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Instructors trained and certified by Dr Hammer teach all levels, Introductory through to Advanced workshops.

Introductory Level CCPD

Is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of Contemporary Chinese Pulse diagnosis. The class is held over 4 days usually split over 2 weekends. It is presented in approximately 40% didactic and 60% practical format. Lecture covers the history and reviews the methodology of this way of evaluating the radial pulse. To help navigate the class and Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, A Contemporary Approach , a 87-page handbook is provided for students in the class. View the Table of Contents and Introduction of this handbook.

Day 1 and 2 – Lecture and demonstration covers the 3 depths – qi, blood and organ, the 6 principal positions, and the 22 complimentary positions. Waveforms are discussed and qualities are categorized in terms of volume, width, depth and shape. Waveforms and some qualities are identified on other students.

Day 3 and 4 – Revises depths, principal and complementary positions and finds more qualities. Clarification and definition is given to more difficult pulse qualities and students attempt a full pulse evaluation on a fellow student. Discussion and interpretation of a prepared pulse case is presented.

Intermediate Level CCPD

Intermediate classes are held over 2 days and are aimed at students already familiar with this system of pulse diagnosis who want to further their understanding. Dr Shen’s organ systems are discussed in terms of pulse presentation and diagnosis. This information is supported by a 20-page handbook provided in class. Students have the opportunity to feel the pulse of a patient that has been evaluated and recorded by the instructor. Interpretation of this case is discussed in class.

Dragon Rises Seminars

Advanced Level CCPD

Advanced workshops are for those who have experience with Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.  Junior instructors and advanced students attend these classes and look to further evolve the work.

Visit the website of Dragon Rises Seminars for more information: www.dragonrises.org.