For experienced Chinese herbal medicine Sydney, Potts Point visit Lotus Healing Arts. Karen has >15 years working with Chinese herbs and writing herbal prescriptions. She uses Chinese herbal medicine to treat a range of health conditions.

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest surviving healing traditions that remains accessible within the practice of modern healthcare. Together with acupuncture it forms the foundation of Oriental medicine.

Chinese herbal prescriptions or herb formulas are usually the combination of 2 to 15 ingredients. These formulas are designed to address the presenting condition, support the underlying physiology and are individualised for each person. They most commonly incorporate ingredients from plants (leaf, stem, flower, root) but can also include ingredients from animals and minerals. When necessary substitutions can be made for ingredients that are incompatible with any specified dietary regimes.

Chinese herbal medicine Sydney, Potts Point

At Lotus Healing Arts Karen formulates herbal prescriptions according to your individual or specific diagnoses, based on the results of your evaluation. They can be provided in either the raw form (see above) to be prepared as a tea, granules to be dissolved in hot water, or pills. Syrups and plasters are occasionally prescribed for specific conditions. All raw herb prescriptions are filled by the Beijing Tong Ren Tang dispensary who provide high quality, fresh ingredients free from sulphides and insecticides. For convenience all raw herb prescriptions can be cooked on their premises prior to delivery.

The use of products from endangered animals such as rhinoceros horn has resulted in a black market trade for these ingredients and created much controversy for Chinese herbal medicine. Lotus Healing Arts does not use any ingredients of this nature.


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