Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) is a method of evaluating the integrity of the organ systems via palpation of the radial arteries and is an important aspect of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine diagnosis. It is the modern interpretation of the Ding lineage pulse method from the Shanghai region of China and dated to the c.15th century. CCPD represents knowledge that has been developed and used by Chinese medicine physicians for centuries to maintain the health of their patients.

Various methods of early diagnosis were developed based on meticulous clinical observations (correlating disease signs with symptoms) accumulated by numerous generations of medical experts. Pulse evaluation was and continues to be very important to advanced diagnosis and the assessment of the person’s “terrain” or condition. It exposes potential vulnerabilities within the organ systems and accesses the earliest stages of the disease process. When considered with all other available diagnostic information it provides the practitioner with an in depth cross section of the person somewhere between birth and death. The interpretation of this information allows early intervention with the implementation of appropriate life-long management strategies for maintaining optimal health.


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